Saturday, June 04, 2005

Baseball Notebook Friday, June 03, 2005

Just to show how monumental of a feat it was for the Royals to sweep the Yankees - it was the first sweep for Royals after not having swept any team for the last 78 series. This is kind of team Yankees should beat without any problems. It looks like it goes back to the Red Sox series last weekend when the team lost its swagger after losing the series. Now they travel to Minnesota and play a team with a winning record so that will be a challenge after losing to the worst team in baseball. Carl Pavano has given up 20 hits in his last 9 innings and allowed 10 runs in those 2 games. They have now stretched their losing streak to 5 games after having won the previous 5
games. During the 5 game losing streak they have been outscored 37-9. The only good news for Yankees is that they haven't lost that much ground to the AL East leading Orioles as they are only 5 out of first because both teams have been 5-5 over their last 10 games....A's show they can beat teams with winning records too as they defeat the Blue Jays behind an Eric Chavez grand slam. His .225 batting average is at its highest since the 13th of April. Bobby Crosby has now lifted his average to .412 and he seems to have given the team a much needed lift in the offensive department. It is encouraging that the starters have now won 3 games in a row after a stretch when the starters had only picked up 2 of the team's win in the previous 26
games.With Octavio Dotel out for the season Huston Street should take over the closer spot with his 1.88 ERA with Justin Duchscherer more than likely taking over the setup slot with his 1.04 ERA. Fantasy leaguers should be interested in Huston Street because unless he falters he should get a lot of saves and strikeouts this season. He is averaging over 10 strikeouts per 9
innings....Pedro Martinez has allowed only 2 runs in the last 23 innings after giving up 10 runs in the previous 20 innings....Dontrelle Willis is first pitcher in baseball to notch his 9th win. Juan Pierre who played high school ball in this area for Alexandria Senior High School continues to
struggle hitting .260 and hit only .226 for the month of May....Danny Kolb threw more lighter fluid on the fire last night as he blows yet another game giving up 4 runs while only getting one batter out and upping his ERA to 7.29. If he had any hopes of regaining his closer job they probably went out the window for good. He is definitely not a John Smoltz in the closer role.
Leo Mazzone starts rocking as soon as Kolb takes the mound because he knows it will not be a pretty site. Might be better to give Mazzone and Bobby Cox blindfolds so they won't have to watch the carnage after Kolb enters the game. Most surprising stat for Braves is that Adam LaRoche is leading team in RBI's with 32....Hottest team in baseball is the Cubs with a 7 game
winning streak in spite of not having Kerry Wood or Mark Prior available....Coldest team is the Giants who have a 7 game losing streak and are 9 games out of first place....No team in NL East has a losing record with the last place Phillies only 2 1/2 games out of first....Tonight in
Houston my daughter and her family are going to be at the Cardinals-Astros game. The starting pitchers will be Chris Carpenter with 7-3 record going against Andy Pettitte at 3-5. This will be the first game my grandson who is 6 and plays T-Ball has ever seen. It reminds me of my first game I ever saw when I saw Pirates - Phillies game in August of 1957 when Bill Mazeroski hit
a homer over the left field roof we were sitting under. So when he hit the walkoff homer in 1960 World Series it reminded me of that night. I also remember how relentlessly the Phillies fans booed Del Ennis who was one of their best sluggers ever. They played this game in Connie Mack Stadium and to show how long ago that was they have discarded the stadium that replaced
Connie Mack Stadium and have opened another stadium now. So while Phillies have played in 3 stadiums the Cubs and Red Sox have continued to play in Wrigley Field and Fenway Park. I wish I could see the look on my grandson's face when he sees his first game tonight. He loves baseball with a passion. When he plays his T-Ball games he is completely focused on the game unlike some kids who wonder where the ball came from that just went to the outfield fence and they could have caught if they were paying attention. He practiced baseball with me for over 2 hours once and when it was time to quit he wanted to keep playing. If he can't find someone to practice with him he will throw the ball up in the air and catch it. His team is 11-0 this season
and he was moved to field the pitcher position because he throws so well to first base so instead of runners being safe because of bad throws he is recording outs. Baseball is a great game on any level but seeing my grandson play transcends them all because he is playing with so much fervor and has fun which is what baseball should be all about.


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