Friday, May 27, 2005

K-Rod Knocked Out

This has to be the most bizarre year for fantasy closers that I can ever remember.

The latest closer to get knocked out is Angels' all-star Franciso Rodriguez who hit the 15 day DL this past monday with a strained right forearm. This adds to the rush of closer injuries in the last few weeks - 11 closers have found their way to the DL in the past 7 weeks.

Rodriguez has 10 saves, a 0.69 WHIP, and 23 Ks in 16 innings.
Rodriguez may be back this weeknd but probably not until late next week

K-Rod has been day to day and could be back sometime this holiday weekend, but I don't think he will be back until late next week. While K-Rod it out, much like looking at Juan Rivera to take fellow Angel Vlad Guerroro's place, look at picking up Scott Shields for K-Rod until K-Rod can return. Shields has been a great closer while he has filled in and should give you some saves in the short term (which seem extremely hard to come by for closers this year). Long-term, keep an eye on K-Rod's arm, he has a history of arm injuries and fantasy owners in keeper leagues who have him or are looking to get him could find themselves in a world of hurt if this young pitcher continues to have arm issues.


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