Friday, May 27, 2005

Hitters - Watch List

We've recommended plenty of pitchers who can tow the fantasy line, but what about the hitters? Not quite as easy to find good stuff off free agency. Here are last month's numbers for a few guys to keep your eye on and maybe try on for size.

Shannon Stewart - 4 HR 2 SB .300 AVG

Stewart's a streaky guy, but he's a fire starter for the twins and has put up some excellent fantasy numbers in the past with a few 100+ Run seasons

Richard Hidalgo - 7 HR 1 SB .268 AVG

Speaking of streaky, this guy's the king, but a free agency pick-up only costs you the worst player on your team. So pick him up, ride the hot streak and, hey, maybe you keep him, maybe not.

Darryl Ward - 6 HR .272 AVG

He doesn't have the greatest bats around him, but he doesn't need them. We definitely expect the average to go up, even if he doesn't keep up the torrid home run pace.


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