Monday, May 23, 2005

Closer Shuffle

Keeping up with closer situations is probably one of the hardest things for a fantasy baseball blogger to accomplish. We're doing our best:

Danny Graves has been designated for assignment. This comes after another bad outing which concluded with Graves giving booing fans an obscene gesture. The Reds have ten days to trade Graves or put him on waivers. Despite 10 saves, Graves has posted a 7.36 ERA.

Fantasy Outlook: He may find work elsewhere, but for now we're concerned with who's taking over in Cinci. Veteran David Weathers got the save tonight, but reports of a closer-by-committee prevail. "...we'll look at the matchups and different things like that,'' manager Dave Miley said. ``Hopefully somebody will run with it.''

Joe Borowski has been back pitching for Chicago Cubs since Friday, but hasn't seen a save situation. Ryan Dempster is still in the closer role and got the save tonight.

Outlook: With Glendon Rusch pitching as well as he has, Dempster can stay out of the four-man rotation for a little while longer. We do expect Borowski to be eased back into his old role. When Wood comes off the DL in a few weeks, however, we're curious to see where the chips fall.

A similar situation is in Florida. Guillermo Mota's scheduled back to the Bigs on Wednesday, but a closer role may not be waiting for him immediately. Mota's got 2 saves as compared with Todd Jones's 7.

Outlook: Mota owners have been patient all year, looks like they may have to be patient a little bit longer.

Dan Kolb got his 11th save tonight in exciting fashion, as most of his saves have been. Bobby Cox is a manager who would rather avoid a committee of closers, and seems to genuinely be committed to Kolb, but he's not crazy either. His body language during the ninth did not exude confidence.

Outlook: Kolb's closer job is tenuous at best. Cox is probably looking for Kolb to get his confidence and stuff back before he is ready to committ to him again.


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