Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Baseball Notebook

Roger Clemens has allowed 2 or less runs in his last 10 starts yet only has a 3-3 record for the season due to the pathetic Astros offense. Still can't understand why they paid Clemens $18 million this season after paying $5 million last year. Maybe they had to offer him so much he couldn't refuse the offer and was only way of getting him to play another season. Way it turned out Clemens got the money Carlos Beltran didn't get so Clemens knows he is part of reason they didn't have money left or either didn't want to spend additional money after signing Clemens. After a winter of inactivity in acquiring some offensive help you could see the writing on the wall knowing if anything happened to Jeff Bagwell this team would self destruct since they no longer had Beltran or Jeff Kent....Huston Street picks up win in the A's 5-4 win in 11 innings against the Devil Rays. Street is only 21 and has struck out more than 10 batters per 9 innings and has held opponents to a .181 batting average and has only given up 17 hits in 27 innings with no homers allowed....Red Sox failed to build on their their series win over the Yankees by losing to Orioles 8-1 missing a chance to gain a game on the AL East leader. John Olerud is hitting .455 since joining the Red Sox last week. The biggest surprise for the Rangers this season has been the 5-1 record posted by Chan Ho Park. The talk of spring training was that the Rangers would probaby eat Park's huge contract to open a roster spot. It remains to be seen if he can pitch this well over the full season but for now he is a big reason they are in first place in AL West.


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