Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Foster saves Braves, Kolb

The usually reliable Kolb has been struggling mightily this season, and was on the verge of blowing his second save this year. Two blown saves isn't that big of a news story, particularly this year, but Kolb's ERA of 8.00 is. Bobby Cox is far enough above criticism to the point where he can take out his closer for the last out. Particularly if it's against a torrid Cliff Floyd.

You may have noticed on the ESPN bottomline after the Mets-Braves score S-Foster (1). Yes, rookie John Foster got a save. No, he's not the new Braves closer. I hope you didn't run to go pick him up. But seriously, Kolb's got nasty stuff, and the braves play a lot of close games. Even if Kolb doesn't get every save, he'll get more than the average closer. He's undervalued right now, and I think he'll turn it around, go for him if you can get him cheap.


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