Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Beltre: On pace for 16 home runs

For those of you who drafted Adrian Beltre in the first two rounds, you're vindicated, he hit his second homer this season. This puts him on pace for 16 this year. He went 2-5 today in Seattle's 7-4 win over Texas.

Fantasy Outlook: I loved Beltre last year, not that I had him. Did any sane fantasy guru forsee him repeating his .340, 48 HR performance last year? No. Did we think he'd go back to the old .250, injured-all-the-time Beltre? No, but at least he's not injured. So right now Beltre owners, along with the owners of the Mariners are a little scared. My advice is: trade Beltre if you think you can get close to fair value for him. If not, don't worry, Beltre can't be this bad all year.


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